The Chefs

Enjoy the finest restaurants Southern Oregon has to offer

One of the highlights of the Culinary Feast on Saturday night at the Centennnial Golf Club, will be the depth of talent in our lineup of participating restaurants. As you stroll the site, you can enjoy amazing cuisine, cocktails, wine and beer. We will be featuring up to 12 local restaurants.

We are proud to announce that the following restaurants will be participating at this years event.

chef-porters chef-alchemy chef-bambu  chef-brickroom chef-centennial chef-elements chef-kbar    

2019 Spirits Brought to you by:

2019 Beer Sponsor

2019 Participating Wineries:

Anchor Valley Wine
Awen Winecraft
Belle Fiore Winery
Del Rio Vineyards
Irvine & Roberts Vineyards
Ledger David Cellars
Parkhurst Wine Cellars
Rellik Winery
RoxyAnn Winery
Ryan Rose Wine
Simple Machine Wine
The Rogue Grape